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Friends would happily have introduced us, had our social circles intersected—but it took online dating to bring us together.Given our busy lives and demanding careers, our paths might never have crossed at all. And I believe that Hollywood's romantic comedies have given women unrealistic ideas about dating and romance—that you can hang out in Starbucks with a latte and magically bump into your future husband.Even at an individual scale, we must fight against injustices aimed at our self-worth, and against past or present abuses of every kind.

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This type of rebellion is empowering and essential to human freedom.But what I’m talking about today is different: rejecting “ordinary” human experiences because we mistakenly believe we aren’t welcome in the regular world—a choice that actually limits your options rather than opening up new ones.And is everyone really so happy with no-strings affection? That doesn’t mean guys are all players and commitment-phobes, but just that it’s human nature to take if the other person is willing to give. When you daydream about your crush, the anticipation of being together produces lots of dopamine, which further increases your feeling of infatuation.Today I want to share with you my latest guilty pleasure, the web series , featuring the nicest of Nice Girls, Melody (played by show creator, Cylla Senii). but not quite ready to make the hard changes necessary to move on to something real. When two people feel a connection, this buzz can be amplified through non-sexual contact such as locking eyes, touching hands, and even simple physical nearness. Though pleasurable, it is NOT a foundation for anything lasting.It’s okay to be uncomfortable about “hanging out” indefinitely. Don’t say things like “I’m not looking for anything serious right now” or “but the sex is so hot” or “I can handle it.” Those opinions sound brave and empowered, but all you’re doing is allowing the Players to frame things their way.

Of course there are women who enjoy a no-strings adventure.

My husband and I have been happily married for over 11 years, and we have three amazing children.

Our lives are full and fun, and if you saw us careening by in our minivan we’d look pretty much like any other family you know.

Magazines and dating experts are constantly telling us to “maintain healthy boundaries” with men. Are there boundaries that you should be enforcing that you’re not even aware of?

And are you walking the talk, or do men see right away that you don’t really expect them to treat you like the unique and precious being that you are.

Each woman has her own version of this pose, depending on her individual style.