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The ocean floors are bland and even more pointless than they were before.

I copied this from another thread, but basically I really dislike the new terrain generation. You didn't know what you would get (desert inside a jungle, swamp next to a desert, etc...), now it's: I would have said, the de-snowing of the existing Taiga biomes, but it looks like we'll be able to fix that with external tools. Hardly anyone likes the gravel, so they should have thought that through.

Now i want to be able to vote thumbs-up or thumbs-down for particular tracks on Spotify radio stations in order to improve them.I hardly ever listen to Spotify except through Sonos anymore, so that is the only way I can refine my Spotify radio station these days!Every day you inspire me with your curiosity…you courage…your [some other attribute that makes you toddler sound like a Nobel Prize recipient]. this is not the first time Adobe does this mistake, i hoped they learned from the previous mistakes......Try the updates thoroughly before sending it to public, that's my i'm losing time to try solving this problem, contacting the plugin manufacturers etc etc Why is it again not compatible with the previous versions, what are they doing ........

Alberta Energy expects to conclude within the next six to eight weeks its engagement sessions on the province’s oilsands lease continuation policy.Under current policy, an operator or leaseholder must demonstrate certain levels of exploration and development within certain timeframes in order to maintain their lease.The ministry is examining these requirements with a focus on the renewal conditions, including the lengths, terms and retention conditions of the initial agreements and their renewals, says Alberta Energy spokesman Darrell Winwood.“We have engaged five northern communities and First Nations and Métis groups,” he says, adding that engagement is ongoing with the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers (CAPP), In Situ Oil Sands Alliance and Alberta Chamber of Resources.“The review is being done to ensure our regulations are current and reflect up to date industry trends and development practices since it has been more than a decade since the last review.I'm really happy with the new wood, stained glass, new biomes, new achievements, comandblock minecart, better fishing mechanics bigger nether portals, new flowers, basic shaders, better resource pack manager, better map renders in item frames, and I'm even happy about witches spawning outside of swamps (even though I will usually lose the battle) But for me there are 2 things I'm not happy with about the update 1. (depending on your pc and other things, I'm unlucky that this is happening to me) Exception while updating neighbors Stack Overflow Error: Exception while updating neighbors (btw I updated everything and I'm still crashing, and I also reported this as a bug back in the snapshots) 2.I highly recommend a like / dislike rating mechanism for discover weekly recommendations.