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He appeared on the show earlier this year, where he met ex-girlfriend Stephanie Pratt.

But it seems Joey Essex is planning to have another crack at romance, as it is announced he has signed up for the next series of Celebs Go Dating.

One of Lewis's most intriguing findings has to do with what his (as yet unpublished) paper calls "boundary crossing and reciprocity" -- that is, the initial message from one user to another, and the reciprocation (or lack thereof) of that message.

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Marriage records note racial backgrounds and religion, Lewis notes, but not much more than that -- and they definitely lack information about the personal qualities that create that notoriously unquantifiable thing we call "chemistry." For his dissertation research, Lewis got ahold of a large selection of Ok Cupid's trove of data, which contains information not only about user demographics, but also about user behavior.

The (anonymized) info allows for analysis, Lewis told me, of contacts made from one user to another -- and of contacts not made (and, ostensibly, decided against).

"It's cool, it's part of the experience." However, despite having no prior dating experience, it looks as though Perri may have already of found love on the E4 dating show. winner's co-star, Joey Essex, revealed: "He's [Perri] found someone he potentially likes.

"Exclusive – you're going on another date with this girl aren’t you? However, it looks as though the new potential girlfriend will have to be 'cool' with Perri's hectic Diversity schedule as he can't always be around.

"It's weird as everyone sees everything you're going through.

"Even if you're really getting on with someone, you look to the left and there's a guy with a massive camera. girlfriend and one of us mere mortals will be just fine. And in honour of the fact that Stephen Bear was finally booted off the show earlier in the week for dating Charlotte Crosby, he decided that scoffing a curry down his local was loads better than attending the dinner party. In tonight's last slot (March 10) of this series, the celebrities and their dates attended a posh dinner party - though Ferne Mc Cann didn't manage to find love so decided to go solo.It turns out that in the world of dating, many people have a pretty narrow view of what they want in a potential mate—we tend to reinforce certain “desirable” attributes over others, whether or not these attributes would actually make for a good partner.For example, a study of data from OKCupid found that people rarely respond to messages outside their own race.In 2002, Wired made a prediction: "Twenty years from now, the idea that someone looking for love won't look for it online will be silly, akin to skipping the card catalog to instead wander the stacks because the right books are found only by accident." As more and more people look to algorithms to play the matchmaking roles traditionally filled by family and friends, Wired's looking more and more prescient. And all the other sites, from the mass to the very, very niche, that promise to connect people online in a much more efficient way than they could ever be connected by the vagaries of IRL circumstance.