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You all know the feeling of being a week away from a big vacation or an exciting celebration, but the anticipation of meeting this little boy is something so different than anything I’ve ever been apart of.

It’s almost like being a child again leading up to Christmas.

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I’m delighted to share the lovely wedding of American actor Drew Roy and his partner Renee who got married at Higuera Ranch.

As a now-established member of Wonder Con press – why, I’m still trying to figure out – I had the chance to flash my prestigious paper press pass (say that 10x fast) which allowed me entry to a special roundtable with cast members Doug Jones (Cochise), Sarah Carter (Maggie), Drew Roy (Hal), and Colin Cunningham (Pope).

My time with each was limited, but the gracious stars of the series proved less was more as they responded to all questions with genuine and in-depth answers.

Because everyone was traveling from all four corners of the country, we wanted to make it a nice little vacation for them as well which led us to the perfect place; Higuera Ranch. Seeing Drew for the first time that day and him seeing me was a feeling I’ll never forget.

Drew’s favorite moment was right before the sparkler send off when we were alone in the barn taking each other in for the first time as husband and wife.

It simply is a miracle.” Congrats to the happy couple on their new bundle of joy!

Canadian actress best known for her role on the series Falling Skies. She was a champion debater, competing in Austria, England, and Argentina.

While most of my friendly press cohorts seemed to ask specific questions as to the outcome of the final season which yielded the obvious “of course I can’t answer that” retort, the Outlaw tried to sneak in some deeper, more thought-provoking inquiries of the veteran actors.