Duncan wong and rainie yang dating dating for cuntry people

A few days ago, Rainie and Ronghao were seen shopping together at Shinjuku in Tokyo.Although the departmental store was often patronised by many Chinese tourists, the couple still walked around hand-in-hand.

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TAIPEI - Taiwanese pop star Show Lo is not hiding his love life any more, after he was photographed having a rendezvous with Chinese social media celebrity Zhou Yangqing in Shanghai, said Taiwanese newspapers.

Zhou, 26, is the first girlfriend Lo, 35, has acknowledged in his 20 years in the limelight, said China Times.

Shortly after, Rainie shared his post and added, “[Your] T-Shirt looks really nice”, leaving the Internet world abuzz with chatter about the couple’s sweet interaction online.

When Rainie made an appearance at a promotional event yesterday, the media asked the actress whether she would be attending Ronghao’s concert in Beijing.

While I never liked Tang Yan, I do agree with a comment on that report that she does not deserve to be treated this way especially if it is true that he cheated on her.

But what’s even more interesting in the back and forth between the two camps is Roy’s manager hinting that it was Tang Yan herself who leaked the photos taken supposedly when Tang Yan visited Roy in Taiwan on his birthday in October last year. Not that many are surprised with the turn of events. For those who are familiar with Roy’s dating history, it’s known that he tends to fall for his co-stars: Rainie Yang (ORIGINAL SCENT OF SUMMER), Qiao En (EASY FORTUNE HAPPY LIFE and THE GIRL IN BLUE) and Tang Yan (WAKING UP LOVE and two other dramas I can’t be bothered to look up). We don’t know if there were other girls in between.

Apparently Joseph and Rainie looked quite close and appeared to be reluctant to part and call it a night.

Joseph revealed in an interview with last month that he’s single these days, so that confirms the rumors that his five-year relationship with his longtime girlfriend has ended.

An eye-witness said that Rainie was constantly looking around the surrounding, as she was afraid of being recognised.

After they finished purchasing the item, they held hands again to shop for clothes.

(which finished airing two months ago), lead actors Joseph Chang and Rainie Yang have been busy with their many other projects.