Elements organizer updating

Rick, I have used Photo Shop Elements 10 for a long time, and although I really like the Editor I absolutely loathe the Organizer!

elements organizer updating-27

When your photos are organized, you will find your can enjoy them a lot more.In fact, with Photoshop Elements, the organizing process itself can also be a lot fun.Although we say we are "importing photos into Elements," your photos don't actually live inside Elements.They are still files on your hard drive, just as they always have been.When I started putting together this series, I wrote a script for a video where started with a big-picture introduction to Photoshop Elements.

I’d show you the palettes…and probably really confuse you.

When that happens I have to exit the Organizer and start Elements again from scratch. Is there any way to delete the Organizer portion of Photo Shop Elements from my computer and leave only the Editor installed? Please note that there will still be ways in which you can launch the Organizer by accident.

If you’d like to disable the Organizer altogether, you can do that as well.

Photoshop Elements Photo Organizer just indexes them.

You can think of the Organizer catalog a little like a computerized card catalog that you would find in a library.

In the first lesson of our series, you’ll learn how to add photos from your hard drive, sort them into albums, and tag them with keywords. Hello, and welcome to Photoshop Elements for Bloggers.