Entourage not updating exchange mailbox

If you experience issues regarding your switch to Exchange, and the following information does not help resolve your problem, please contact the ITS Help Desk to notify us of your situation.Entourage and Apple Mail users having problems sending messages Outlook Web App with IE times-out within a few minutes of logging in Apple Mail is unable to send e-mail"You do not have permission to open this mailbox" error"Delivery has failed to these recipients or distribution lists" error message Address book and autocomplete provide bad addresses"You must choose a recipient before this message can be sent" error"Virus Name: Heuristic" error message"The data file was not closed properly" error message Persistent Entourage redirect to edu validation request Invalid certificate when using SF State wireless network Trouble configuring Entourage If you are having problems sending e-mail through the Exchange servers from off-campus using machines that were previously able to send without incident, an interim solution is to use Outlook Web App (OWA) at When accessed with the Internet Explorer (IE) browser, Outlook Web App (OWA) may timeout within several minutes of logging in or when performing an action such as sending a mail message.How can I directly access my mailbox via a web browser? You will be redirected to the correct page, where you can log into directly to your email.

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Why can't I connect to Exchange 2010 with Entourage anymore? What are the POP, IMAP and SMTP settings for Exchange?If you do have any locally archived mail it will have to be moved onto the server in order to be pulled back down onto your new Outlook install.Read below for instructions on how to do this, otherwise skip ahead to the next section.What general settings do I need for my computer's email program?

Office 365 email is supported on several email programs (such as Outlook, Entourage, and Mac Mail) on Windows and Mac computers. Simply use these general settings when doing the setup: Username: [email protected]: your Rhodes email password Server Name: outlook.office365If you run into trouble setting up your computer's program, don't panic!Viewing another person's calendar over the Web is only available when using the IE browser.Check whether the recipient's address reported in the error message is correct, if not, resend the message to the correct address. Due to the e-mail transition to Exchange, the server-based global address book which is cached (stored) in a user's e-mail program may reflect an old address until updated from the server.Prior to pushing your local mail onto the server, please empty the Sent Items folder of any emails that are unneeded, and empty the Trash folder in Entourage.This will help us further down the line in keeping within space limitations.Archived email can be moved to the server by dragging the emails from the On My Computer mailboxes to the corresponding places on the server. Note: This process can take quite some time depending on the amount of mail stored locally.