Excel vba application screenupdating false not working

So, here my question is - Which one(/both) of Application.screenupdating/Application.visible should I set as false?

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Add this newly created add-in to your add-in references and away you go. Excel will default save it to your add-ins directory.I was able to solve the issue to my liking by using a workaround this 'which window is on top' problem. By leaving the main window alone, and forcing other workbooks to become not visible, letting the code run, then bringing them back to visible, it stopped flickering. I have been experimenting with this technique, and although it doesn’t stop the flickering completely, it improves the result in an important way: It restores visibility to the Status Bar message, which I update every few seconds to show the application’s progress. Visible = False For Each File In Dir Set obj Workbook = obj Excel.

So I'm creating a library of commonly used macros for excel for my Excel 2011 for Mac. In 2003, 20 doing this enables the screen to temporarily update so you get a visualization of what the sheet now looks like however in 2013 it doesn't work...How can I make Excel 2013 temporarily update the screen mid-macro... Screen Updating = False ' Do loads of stuff here Application.I'm running a couple of tests to make sure it's working properly. The biggest problem I'm running into is that when I run the code (despite having Screen Updating set to False), it visibly opens the library file while it runs the macro. I am using the simplest one: "When the Screenupdating is True, and Application.visible is False then the flicker happens but you cannot see it as the application is hidden."---I feel as the application is not visible at all, CPU wont allocate resources for the updating at all so we might not even need screenupdating at all.