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Consultations were offered to clinically suitable adults aged over 18 and supported using everyday technology available in most people’s homes (computer or smartphone, Wi-Fi connection).

From 2011–2014, 480 online appointments were scheduled by one consultant and one diabetes specialist nurse.

For this reason, the selection of webcams has dwindled.

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Among the nine subspecies of giraffes, the West African and Rothschild’s are endangered, with fewer than 200 and more than 500, respectively, remaining in the wild.

Giraffes face a number of threats including poaching, habitat loss in their feeding ranges, and the soaring human population growth.

Gamers who stream gameplay for followers online typically use a webcam other than the one built into the monitor. One, they’re not having a direct conversation with their audience and so the head-on view of a monitor camera would be inappropriate.

They instead position the camera to the left or right, a few feet from the computer, so that viewers can watch them play rather than just watching their face.

Celebrate first-time giraffe mom Tufani with a symbolic animal adoption in her name!

Adopt now and help fund conservation programs and the daily care and feeding of Seattle’s tallest baby, mom Tufani and all zoo inhabitants.

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With funding from the Health Foundation, we aimed to provide more accessible and cost-effective care by replacing selected follow-up outpatient appointments with webcam consultations.