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Bad hardware will also often lead to software errors; when the hardware doesn't send back data as expected, programs will start to fail.

It was tempting to tell myself that I didn’t really need the Lightroom upgrade since I was already very happy with Lightroom 4.

My machine has seized up at least once a week for the past two years, covering the screen with a transparent panel that says "You need to restart your computer" in four languages.

If one application is always shutting down, you're probably in luck.

This of course doesn't go down well more than PC as it might start supporting better or even freezing.

Closing down some of your applications may usually take good the mistake.

Then Vista prompts you to check for a solution to the problem.

These errors are known as Blue Screen or STOP errors, and so they also can be attributable to several things.

If you have a PC, search Microsoft's knowledge base for articles about "illegal operation" problems associated with the application.

For a Mac, go to Apple's support page and search for "unexpectedly quits." If that fails, type the error messages you see into Google (e.g.

They will simply prevent all software and driver errors, you need to find a compatible screws and bolts.