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The sleeveless sheath dress, now ubiquitous on cable and local news, and especially beloved by morning news programs, is as much a uniform for TV newswomen as androgyny was in the mid-’90s, when boxy blazers and short hair reigned.

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On Fox News, which has long pushed the sex appeal of its female talent further than other networks, it is typical to see a suited man next to a woman outfitted for lunch on some sunny Roman piazza, as if the colleagues are dressed not only for widely disparate occasions but for different climates as well.

On , Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb are typically sleeveless, sitting before windows that showcase people bundled up against the Manhattan cold.

However, when you put in a little effort when it comes to your appearance, you look good. And feeling good is what true sex appeal is all about.

Whether you want to look your sexiest for a special event, or just want to be able to strut your stuff on an everyday basis, you can definitely make some minor changes to up your hotness quotient.

However, things like Bixby (Samsung's personal assistant) not being ready for launch, the fingerprint sensor is located in a less-than-ideal position, and the battery not being as good as its predecessor, make the phone frustrating.

At £610, the Samsung Galaxy S8 is in a rarefied company and currently only the LG G6 (£550), Google Pixel XL (£719) and i Phone 7 Plus (£679) breathe the same air. A few months ago, the head of the company – Lee Jae-yong – had been arrested over South Korean governmental corruption scandal (not great).Before that, the company launched a smartphone that had the very real potential of exploding in your hand (absolutely not great). The Samsung Galaxy S8 represents the pinnacle of smartphone technology in 2017.We’ve rounded up 10 of the best tips to make you look (and feel) like the hottest, sexiest, most confident person on the planet. Wear lace Not only does lace never go out of style, but we suspect it has transformative powers, too—and the experts agree."Wearing a lacy top or dress can transform a woman into a seductress.They also love to get loaded, on-air, well before the lunch hour.