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Call me back ASAP so we can talk about getting you here! I don't believe the Jerry Springer Show has demonstrated an understanding as to what actual transsexualism is.

Anyone who has studied our website knows that transsexualism condition.

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We are looking for a straight guy who is curious about dating a gorgeous transsexual..would then send you on a date and tape your experience. Chicago, IL 60611 888.321.5381 Hello Samantha, It was quite a surprise to receive your email. I'm pretty sure I know which one (of the several posted at this site) that you read.

It uniquely focuses on relationships as opposed to random hookups.

Compatibility is rated on a unique algorithm system to form ideal matches.

The discovery process might occur early on, or it can take decades. Friends and family lost, loneliness, employment loss or discrimination, sometimes suicide.... At TSGirlfriend, we do our part to encourage and facilitate the development of actual romantic relationships between transsexual women and men. Now, the Jerry Springer Show encourages conflict, sensationalism and it fully exploits transsexualism to, basically, make fools of its guests.

It is your successful and well-known formula for getting the ratings and the ad dollars.

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You people have an the porn business exploit and sensationalize TS women to a vast audience, which results in a misunderstanding of the subject in the minds of the general public. You exacerbate the problems TS women already have in making the transition and existing as ordinary women. Springer and his staff will change their tune to provide factual information and try to educate anyone.