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The featured professionals are available Marine Engineer with a bachelors degree and over 40 years of experience in repairs and operation of vessels equipment including main propulsion boilers and turbines, control consoles, motor controllers, pumps, valves, hydraulics, diesels, mooring winches, fuel tanks, air conditioning and refrigeration plants. Corrosion Engineer with a bachelors degree in mechanical engineering and 50 years of corrosion engineering, management, and field experience.

Expert in translating needs, standards, and regulations into usable cost-effective systems for control of corrosion.

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Additionally experienced in extending the life of structures with proper design, material selection, coatings, monitoring, and compliance using corrosion control methods in a cost effective manner.Concentrated experience with internal corrosion monitoring and corrosion control monitoring, material selection, cathodic protection, coatings, chemical injection, sand control, pigging, SCADA, and integrity management.As a cloud-based application documents are centrally stored and organized.Its integrated workflow tools facilitate the review, approval, check-out, modification and access of documents from any location in a controlled way.Expert in offshore and ship design codes and structural analysis computer programs.

Experienced in hull and topsides structures of spars, semis, FPSOs, and naval, drilling, and S-lay pipelay ships.Dear All, I understand that File Net Capture Professional 5.2 comes under 2 editions (High and Low/Medium Volume).I have tried doing some research as to how many documents do each of these editions support, but could not find the answer anywhere in the File Net website.If you are not already logged in, you will be prompted to log into the Kofax Customer Portal (using your Secure Customer Login) in order to view the Kofax Capture documentation Articles.The Kofax Export Connector 1.0.0 for CMIS is located in the Export Connector section of the current Kofax Capture, Kofax Total Agilit, and Kofax Express packages located on the Kofax Fulfillment Site ( Please refer to the Kofax Cross Product Compatibility Matrix for supported product details.The File Net Capture product includes the following documentation.