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Indeed one key judicial figure has taken the unusual step of opening his court to the cameras and telling Four Corners: "One day someone is going to sit down and weigh up the benefit in terms of taxes to government from the sale of alcohol, against the detriment or the cost to governments of servicing the consequences of violence." Next on Four Corners, reporter Janine Cohen tells the story of one young man who did nothing more than take his girlfriend out to a club. (Home videos of Sam before the accident, fit, tan and leaping off a cliff into the sea) JANINE COHEN: Before the attack, Sam was a natural athlete. He needs several intensive therapies, including three 90 minute sessions of physiotherapy a week. (Sam shakes his head and moans, visibly distressed) MARGARET FORD: No, darling, no... It's just to think that someone so young is in jail and that you know, their life has changed forever - no. JANINE COHEN: The devastating effects of alcohol-fuelled violence is something that New South Wales Chief Magistrate Graeme Henson sees every day.

You Tube series (which, as the title suggests, features her getting drunk and cooking), has over five years amassed 2.5 million followers.

Australians love a drink, and some see no problem at all with drinking to excess.

I was working nights and weekends because my specialty was East Asian languages.One day I was Gchatting with a friend of mine because Gchat had just added a video feature and I had just gotten a laptop with a camera in it for the first time.I sent it to her You Tube, because that is a way you send video files. The first year of the channel, everything was on my webcam and I put my laptop on top of a stack of books.Baltimore Police body cameras recorded officers pulling over a city councilman earlier this month in an example of the kind of everyday encounters that the cameras now capture. quickly identifies himself as a councilman and an officer can be heard saying he's been pulled over for having two broken taillights, failing to use a turn signal, and driving through a stop sign.In the 2000s, as cell phone technology developed, and smartphone usage increased, cell phones can also be used to read or type text messages, surf the Internet and view videos.

Activities such as texting while driving can also increase the risk of an accident.Monday 25 February 2013 Australians love a drink, and some see no problem at all with drinking to excess.Read the statistics and it's hard to argue with these dire warnings.On her upward trajectory, she’s published a cookbook, starred in a movie, gone on tour, judged Food Network shows, and, most recently, written a memoir called is a show that would never get off the ground in 2016: a girl using a cruddy webcam to film herself getting drunk and stuffing croutons into a Cornish game hen is the type of friendly, intimate weirdness that is now commodified and prepackaged by web video production teams.Hart got in on the ground floor, before You Tube became this highly curated land of sponsored content, late night TV clips, and Vevo view tickers.(Karl Merton Ferron, Baltimore Sun video) Police shot and killed a man who jumped out of a car that was being tailed by police in Baltimore.