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Instead take a look at some of the amusing feedback I have received by e-mail.

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I'm not a member of any, purely out of curiosity - I was discussing these sort of sites with my housemates which offer casual encounters/nsa sex, like etc.

They said alot of the female profiles on there are fake designed to get you to pay up for full membership.

You look good, you smell good and you're wearing the only matching lingerie set you own. You'd think with this many green lights that there's no way a lady could mess this up. Here are just a few of the ways this could go south in a hurry: 1. Yes, he should carry condoms, but ultimately it's up to you -- it's your body and you need to keep yourself safe.

Right Now.) You're a good girl, so you've waited the requisite amount of time and you just know that tonight is the night you've been dreaming of all year/month/week/minute.

Waterworks will lead him to believe that either he hurt you--and in that case, will never again do that thing again -- or he'll think that you're a mental case. You know how almost every woman you know thinks she's fat?

Either way, you probably won't be seeing him again anytime soon. Yeah, well most guys think they're, ahem, less endowed than they actually are. Don't introduce him to your stuffed animal collection. Yes, I know it's been a while, but try to breathe, relax, and enjoy yourself.

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As if those of us who live in The Villages have not heard the jokes and references to an article from years ago stating that our community has the highest STD (Sexually Transmitted Disease) rate among seniors in the country, we now will be once again in the headlines of media as being the community with the geriatric sexually live performances in our town squares.

Imagine if you thought a size zero was the way you thought you should look just because the model in Vogue was. If you're old enough to be sexually active, you're old enough to squash Paddington Bear to the back of your closet, Winnie The Pooh under the bed, and your collection of American Girl dolls in the garbage bin. Do not automatically assume that he'll like everything your ex enjoyed. This is supposed to be mutual pleasure two people who might have a future together--not an audition for racy feature film.

One man's erogenous zone is another man's tickle spot is another man's horrified, "What are you doing?

Of course I am referring to this week’s exposure of the couple who needed more entertainment after the music shut down in Lake Sumter Square’s gazebo. And no, the happy hour shacks are not going to stay open longer for later evening entertainment restricted to those 55 plus….