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To speak with us via phone, please contact our Engagement Center by calling 1-800-711-BANK (2265). First Commonwealth Bank offers TTY/TDD services for the speech and hearing impaired at 1-877-816-1801.

For your convenience, you can also submit your question or comment using the form below, and we will be in touch with you shortly.

You can verify that this number is local by checking in your phone book or with your local telephone company. Are you looking to save money but still want the best service possible?

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The app was made to be a small file so it downloads quickly and doesn’t take up much space on memory-constrained old phones.It’s designed to minimize data use to save people money and still work on slow or unstable connections like 2G networks.Available in a variety of colors, the Lake Fork Live Baby Shad is also impregnated with garlic scent for added fish attraction. Don't let the small size fool you either; I have caught just as many Bass and Pickerel with these as I have Crappie and Bluegill. Yes the tails rip off easily, so what, put on another one.Durability is great; the price is great; these are just all around a win-win scenario. From: Comments: Always my go to when nothing else is working in search of the hogs & just want to catch something before days end. It's because your getting hits, not because they aren't made well. From: Comments: I have been fishing these Lures for Crappie for several years.You will need to make sure you are still dialing a local phone number at your new location.

You can find a local dial-up number by using our Access Number Lookup Database. Refer your family and friends and get a FREE month of service.If you have our Dial-up service, please ensure that the Dial-up number at your new location is a local call to you.If you are not sure then check your phone book or contact your local telephone provider.I put one of these on a 1/16 oz Chartruese Road Runner and it was game on. From: Comments: CONS: They are too expensive for the poor durability!!! Not only did I catch more crappie than the other two guys fishing live bait, I was catching bigger fish consistently. It's a crappie sized bait and is great to fish with before bass season is open. After only one or 2 hits the jigs break and your putting another one on!!! CTI Networks, Inc is not responsible in any way for long distance phone charges.