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Universal – The point is slightly rounded for knits, but sharp enough to pierce wovens.Although a Universal needle can technically be used on knits, I’ve found it to be most effective with wovens, especially cotton.Poorly made cases have seam allowances that can be seen inside the case on the hem (see photos at the bottom of the page). "Fold Line" written on the pattern piece refers to the fold you will make when stitching the pillowcase together. It was fine; it just meant that my hem would be 2.5" rather than 3.5". The photo on the right features a different pillowcase, with the hem pressed and under.

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let's change it up with squares and rectangles this week..

it always feels like FOREVER for the fabric to be ready for you ..

BERNINA is sponsoring the upcoming July 10 Talkin’ Tuesday Twitter chat, where we’ll be talkin’ up summer sewing!

Talkin’ Tuesday is a weekly sewing chat on Twitter, a free social networking website that lets you share short messages, better known as “tweets,” with your circle of friends.

We will teach you how to make a pillowcase correctly. Standard Case: Cut 2 pieces 21.25" x 36" Queen Case: Cut 2 pieces 21.25" x 40".

This means the hem is nicely finished - inside too. King Case: Cut 2 pieces 21.25" x 46" NOTE: If you do not have wide enough fabric to fold into a pillowcase, you can use two pieces of fabric. If laying pattern pieces onto flat fabric, use the layout on the left, below. Use a ruler to make sure the hem is an even 3.5" all the way around.Knowing you are using the correct needle is just one less variable to worry about.Let’s get to know what kind of needles are out there. I kinda love that you get a partial view of the other fabric on the back, even when it’s not in use.This will give you some measurements for your own rectangle shaped cushion. A place where grownups sat to drank coffee & chat, and kids had ice-cream. ******************************************* My Sunday Drive fabric has ARRIVED in shops!