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will, meaning an employee can be fired for cause — or for no reason at all.

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The company and benefits were great, but the culture was harsh at times.Management was petty and hard to please at times, but overall great people to work with, other than management.You need a lawyer who understands that area of the law, who has successfully worked with others in similar situations.The attorneys at the law office of Kastner Kim LLP have more than 150 years of combined training, as well as powerful negotiation skills and extensive litigation experience.If you are looking for an insurance company that has integrity and amazing customer service, I would hands down, wholeheartedly recommend Santa Maria As a home builder in Northern California, I have endured numerous complicated issues while trying to protect my business from unforeseen liabilities, satisfying the multiple requirements of individual municipalities, and doing so at a reasonable expense.

Santa Maria and Company has been instrumental in these dealings by providing quality advice, creative alternative solutions, and excellent service.

The law prohibits retaliation against whistleblowers just as it prevents intimidation, discrimination, harassment, and other unlawful practices in the workplace.

If your work environment has changed for the worse since you made a claim against an employee, managers, supervisor, or owner of the company for which you work, contact me, Rutger Heymann -At the Law Offices of Rutger Heymann, I will aggressively protect your rights if you have been retaliated against or wrongfully terminated.

The hours were not bad, but the company underwent alot of changes and communication was not the company's strong suit during these times.

No work life balance some people get every other weekend off & others burn out because they work split days every week.

At the Law Offices of Rutger Heymann, I will aggressively protect your rights if you have been wrongfully terminated.