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I’ve been going out with my boyfriend for almost a year now, and I love him so much.I think our relationship is really great and he is everything that I could ever ask for.I've been spying on my sister for about two months; watching her change her clothes through her bedroom window.

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Mom works as a paralegal, for a law firm downtown, so we are home by ourselves after school every day.

This is our first house with a pool and that's where my sister and I spend most of our time.

Dear Lauren, I’ve sort of been seeing this guy for 3 months.

Right at the beginning we felt a connection but he told me he was not ready for a relationship.

Alan Grant - A paleontologist famous for his studies of fossilized dinosaur nests in Montana.

Grant is athletic and down-to-earth, and takes pride in not being a stuffy academic like many of his colleagues.Dennis Nedry - Jurassic Park's computer technician.Nedry is hired by the Biosyn Corporation to steal fifteen of the park's dinosaur embryos.I also think we have a special connection because we're twins.During our senior year in high school, right after we turned 18, we moved to San Diego and our dad shipped out for a six-month tour of duty aboard a destroyer.Hammond spends a decade furiously scrambling to clone dinosaurs, partly out of a sincere love of dinosaurs, but also because he is hell-bent on turning his idea into a huge profit. Ian Malcolm - A mathematician who specializes in the emerging field of chaos theory.