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Harriet Davison, 88, was beaten and suffocated by Beverley James - who worked as a carer by day and a sex chat worker by night - in her sheltered accommodation flat in Sunderland in July last year.

James, 39, then hatched an elaborate plot, claiming a tattooed intruder had attacked them both and ordered her to carry out a series of bizarre acts, in a bid to hide what she had actually done.

She allegedly admitted to performing simulated sexual intercourse with a boy around 8 and molesting him while on a Skype video chat with New York City police Sgt.Alberto Randazzo, according to an arrest warrant affidavit filed by the federal Homeland Security agent who investigated the case.The boy is not identified in court records but officials say he is known to Lemay.Randazzo was arrested by Homeland Security agents and New York police in February 2014 and has been held in federal custody without bail after a judge deemed him a danger to society.Receiving sexual advice and guidance from someone with psychic insight can also help you in discovering the sexual needs of both you and your partner, which enables you to make amendments where necessary in order to develop your relationship to its optimum potential.

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No trial date has been scheduled, according to court records.

A 44-year-old Colorado woman, Keira Norton, also faces similar federal charges for allegedly sexually molesting a 1-year-old child while on Skype and communicating with Randazzo, according to court records.

James, aka Briggs, of Springwell Road, Sunderland, had denied murder and said Mrs Davison was 'like a nana' to her.