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Pointing to a row of folders, Parag explained: "So here we have all our files which are divided in to men and women, and then according to religions."So we've got the Sikh, Hindu, Gujarati, Muslim and English. It goes into caste, education, the height, the family background, which then does provide you with a much stronger foundation for that marriage if it were to take place."Labelling English as a religion, one viewer raged: "So we have all these religions in files, Seek, Hindu, Muslim and English... #theoneshow @BBCThe One Show.""'These are split into religion… #The One Show @BBCOne," as a fourth added: "'English' - the classic of all religions #theoneshow."The matchmaker went on to add that if he sees an overweight client he will tell them to lose weight if they want a date.

On 8th August, 2016, I became a paid registered member on and I Checked first request on same day by her.

Read more I'am Kind, simple, caring & loving person. We feel that we have similar interests, qualities and expectations in life ahead. Paras and I met via Shaadi.com, He use to be paid member, and i was Unpaid member , I got many proposals, heard couple friends finding their match via Shaadi.com, met to Paras 05/02/2016 , tried knowing her for almost 3 Months, slowly family got invo...

We do pride ourselves in that we will give honest and real advice.

If somebody is overweight I will say to them 'Look, with all due respect, you need to do something about this because guys or girls, they want somebody who is in good health, good shape."One outraged fan of The One Show tweeted: "So no one wants an overweight person.

Everyone who attends will leave with almost immediate, positive impact on their dating lives. How it works: Start off by grabbing a drink and mingling while our team registers you.

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