How to celebrate dating anniversary

As mentioned in my , apart from the Valentine’s Day (14 February) and White Day (14 March), couples also celebrate the Rose Day (14 May), Kiss Day (14 June), Silver Day (14 July), Green Day (14 August), Photo Day (14 September), Wine Day (14 October), Movie Day (14 November) and Hug Day (14 December).

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When compared with their western counterparts, Korean couples are relatively conservative, and intimate behaviour (like kissing and hugging) in the public is still not so common.

As much as I say I hate it, I still do it without realizing.But I get soo annoyed when couples get count every little month they're together and make it some huge thing.To add a twist of something new to your anniversary celebration, you can start a new ritual that you two will do every year.For example, you can create an anniversary journal in which you each write an entry every year, reflecting on your celebration activities and new memories. When someone asks how long you've been together do you count from when you started dating or when you got married?

Dh and I met 7 years ago at a party and have been together since that night.

I agree though, it annoys me when people call it an anniversary each month.

I celebrate non-anniversaries as kind of a joke with my boyfriend just to have a silly excuse to do something fun! I do agree it's kind of juvenile, but young love these days hardly ever makes it to a year, lol. Lol I did this the first year I was with my fiancé because he was my first long term relationship so it got me excited knowing we made it through another month.

I plan on celebrating our ten year anniversary on our ten year dating anniversary, that day is more special to me. I only knew Dh for a year when we got married, so I'm not in the same boat, but if we had that much of a gap between starting our lives together and getting married, I would celebrate our dating anniversary too!

I'm curious if anyone has the same views as me on this specific topic.

You can also do something as simple as a bike ride downtown or buying a bottle of wine that you can save to enjoy on next year’s anniversary.