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Quite recently, soldiers laid the nearby mountain ...See full summary » The film tells about Marina Albi, a famous American woman who has been living for twenty years in Russia.

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Two examples of cities where suburbs are more dense than the city centers are Toronto and Washington DC, arguably the two worst cities in North America for men.

Dense city centers also pave the way for more day game opportunities. A city like Rio de Janeiro has many nightlife areas, but they are spread out over a large area. The effect of this is that you sample less venues and reluctantly settle into spots that may not suit your game best, eventually resulting in a lower ROI.

Rikke Lund, an associate professor in the department of public health at the University of Copenhagen.

What are the warning signs that your relationship is suffering?

The following is a list of webshites: really bad sources of information. Known for posting her rather boring and uninspiring videos as video responses to more popular videos (most of which have little to do with religion or politics at all) in a very thinly veiled attempt to leach off the popularity of the video's she's "responding" to.

Be forewarned, prolonged exposure may result in the following side effects: nausea, depression, high blood pressure, loss of IQ, periodic outbursts of hysterical guffaws, broken keyboards and monitors. It all boils down to one thing though: in her mind, Europe needs to return to the days of being under a CATHOLIC STATE (in all caps, just as shown.), which she claims is not a theocracy , just that the Pope/Vatican would have the final say in "Moral Matters" (er, what do we call this again? Also suspected of using a sockpuppet account called Ms CATHOLICSTATE.

Real life is no different, with thousands of variables and factors that constitute the temperament of any city. It’s no accident that “big city mentality” has come to have negative connotations.

My mission for the past couple of years has been to discover the most important variables that contribute to whether or not a city is poosy paradise. Girls will be less friendly, more “busy,” and more hypergamous in their attempt to land one of the many hyper-successful men that you have to compete with.

Over the last couple of weeks, some news stories were brought to my attention that illustrate a problem I’ve been observing for a few years now.

The first was the latest in a long line of Photoshopping scandals.

You won’t have to walk around for an hour just to do two approaches. If you need to take a taxi to get around, the nightlife is far from optimal. The stronger the economy, the less able you will be able to “impress” a girl coming from America.