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Herewith, some of the funniest, most mortifying stories of the bunch. • I was walking my Dalmatian, Parker, down the sidewalk of a posh shopping area in Portland, Oregon, filled with lots of people out for a day of shopping.

Parker was always looking for something to grab off the ground and once he had it, there was no letting go. ” Once I finally did get it out of his mouth, I couldn’t exactly carry it around until I found a trash can, so I threw it into a parking lot and we hurried away in shame. —Jason Petre • It was a snowy weekend and the dogs were restless because they had not been able to go out and play in a few days.

This is a technique that turns normal guys into guys whom girls want to chase after.By letting her find thrill in the chase, you ensure that she will do anything to get you.My husband thought it was very funny; I just thought it was embarrassing.I find it funny now that when he’s not home they do it with his underwear!On this day, he found a very anatomically correct, um, adult toy. There I was on the sidewalk trying to wrestle this thing away from him and his clenched jaws as he growled and curious onlookers observed in horror—“Drop it!! My husband had a bunch of his friends over for a football game when all the attention was drawn to my two Miniature Pinschers, Tiny and Misty.

They were having a noisy game of tug-of-war when I laughingly looked down and saw they had grabbed my bra out of the laundry basket!Drew Mc Lellan wraps up our 2016 season with a look at the HTML5 Device Orientation API and how an annoying physical interaction can become an annoying virtual one.Like the silver sixpence in your figgy pudding, there’s treasure to be found in our browsers, so dig in. But in my experience, breaking up is actually pretty easy.The harder part is deciding what to do when you realize you made a huge mistake, and you want to get back together.Jüngst wurde mit dieser Begründung ein Rentner wegen Musikpiraterie verurteilt.