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You can now direct this data from various applications and external sources into Microsoft Dynamics 365 with the help of record creation and update rules.

By using record creation and update rules in Microsoft Dynamics 365, you can automatically create or update system or custom records from incoming Dynamics 365 activities, such as emails, social activities, or custom activities, without writing any code.

Not just that, you can set up the rule to convert the incoming activity into multiple Dynamics 365 records.

For example, you can create a case and a lead from a single social activity.

A record creation and update rule consists of rule items that define the conditions for creating or updating records, and also defines what actions or steps to take on the newly-created records.

The rule also contains channel properties that are used to define conditions for rules, and also for setting properties of the record you’re creating or updating.

Associating a label name with a control promotes accessibility because assistive technologies can now detect and indicate the association.

Editing a new value list item is more accessible We're introducing a new keyboard shortcut that makes it easier to open the Edit List Items dialog box when working with value list combo boxes on your Access forms.

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If anything, Sling has become more complicated since last year’s launch, with two base packages instead of one, more add-on packages to choose from, and new restrictions that apply to some local and sports channels.

I've completely updated our guide to list all all of Sling TV’s channels and add-on packages.

LEARN MORE Large Number (bigint) support Support for Large Number data types was highly requested by our customers. The Large Number data type stores a non-monetary, numeric value and is compatible with the SQL_BIGINT data type in ODBC.