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One of the first sites that comes to mind in the context of online dating is, which went live in 1995 and now owns 30 other dating sites.pioneered the Internet dating industry and today after more than a decade and half of serves millions of singles in 24 countries.

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In recent years Ok Cupid is featured among the top dating sites in many rankings.

The site is all about finding compatible partners, whether for friendship, casual dating, companionship or even a long term relationship.

Then there is Plenty Of; founded in 2003, this is the world's largest free dating site, with users primarily based in the US, UK, Canada, Australia and Ireland.

Yahoo Personals used to be another highly popular site with singles of all age groups till it merged with in 2010.

Though the metal Rat is also tenacious in nature and will keep working at a goal with single-minded focus, this trait has a keener edge and smacks of an unhealthy obsession.

On the other hand in the Earth Rat, the sense of commitment is softened and humanized by the important quality of patience.Earth is an element that is associated with patience and practicality.Earth people are usually industrious, trustworthy and more rooted in common sense.Arab, the best Arab dating tool on the internet, features a easy to sign up registration process.You just have to choose a username, select your location in the world, post your date of birth and e-mail address and answer a few questions about yourself and, voila, your profile is created!So here are some dating websites you can look at if you are a single over forty and keen to brush up your social life.