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Personally I feel that even though the USA has its cultural differences and issues amongst races it does not compare to what is going in Europe where black people are often treated as 2nd class citizens.

My wife has felt and expressed this and that’s why we moved to the USA specially for our little girl.

In the TLL survey a large proportion of Thai women married to Dutch men were also shown to have jobs (61%).

A recent study into Thai wives in Holland by a Thai Ph D student in Holland confirms these findings and also shows that Thai women there face challenges in their adopted country (Holland) and the weight of financial expectations from families in Thailand.The TLL (Thai Love Lines) poll shows that 55% of Thai women seeking Dutch partners or husbands used Thai dating sites whereas 35% met their partners indirectly through friends or introductions.The TLL poll also shows that Thai women in Holland are satisfied with their relationships and showed that 68% of them were officially married to Dutch men.Her opportunities pursuing her education led her around the country, world and back again.Somewhere in her sojourn, Carolyn met the love of her life and found herself in the Netherlands living, studying, working, and having a family.She also has the distinct credit for having translated a novel by a critically acclaimed Curaçaoan author that delves into the question of post-colonial identity. Indianapolis, Indiana, USA What is your husband’s ethnicity? I was a graduate student at the University of Maryland. May 2, 2003 Was this your first interracial relationship? How did you feel about interracial marriage and relationships before you were in one? I don’t think any of them were surprised when I told them I was moving with him to Holland.