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But Connecticut’s largest city is no closer to purchasing uniform cameras for the men and women in blue patrolling the streets than when Perez’ predecessor, Chief Joseph Gaudett, publicly proposed the technology two years ago.Perez, who wants to equip his officers with cameras, told Hearst Connecticut Media in April the city had secured a federal grant, but the costs of securely storing the footage for use as evidence were too high for the city.

The cop spec Dodge Charger is a high-mileage mule for first responders who take that “first” bit seriously.As any pre-pubescent male will tell you, this “race to the scene of the crime and/or chase the bad guy in my bad-ass American sedan” bit sits right at the top of the list of “why I want to be a cop when I grow up.” In fact, it’s so deeply grained in the male psyche that starting up the cop spec Dodge Charger forced me to fight an overwhelming urge to crank, stomp and spin the beast. The styling of the cop spec Dodge Charger has nothing to do with the facts, ma’am.But the police at the scene did not have the technology to record the facts.Police Chief Armando Perez, for example, has insisted Negron — whose actual age was 15 — was at the wheel of a stolen car and, rather than surrendering, nearly ran down the officer who shot him. He has been in 15 gun battles and shot eight perps, including the four he killed.

’ “My partner fires one round, and the guy grabs his shoulder. I run up and am standing right over him, and he starts to lift his hand up, and I shoot him right in the head. For that battle, and the three other men he killed when they tried to murder him in the line of duty, Friedman gave himself something else, a tattoo on his right trigger finger that reads: “Justified 4X.” Friedman , now 66, is the most decorated detective in the history of the NYPD.

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Judge Michael Brennan during arraignment Monday set bail for Harris at 0 and scheduled a pretrial hearing for Aug. The report states that Harris has had previous encounters with police for possession of narcotics and violent crimes.

Patrolman Daniel Williams says he spotted Harris and a female acquaintance, just before noon, sitting and smoking on the front steps of the apartment house where Harris' father resides.

Williams said he was aware that Harris had a default warrant out of Brockton District Court; as well, Williams reported an overwhelming odor of marijuana.