Intimidating police cars

The change was requested by officers who wanted to appear more professional in updated cars.The new cars are adorned with a blue streak that runs at an angle on both sides of the car along with a police shield and "Baltimore Police" in white lettering.The Toronto Police Service recently rolled out a new colour scheme for their cruisers, and as a result, we can add another item to the list of things that “trigger” progressives.

Police Fox Trot helicopters and many mobile command trucks have had a similar design for more than a decade."It's one that we're proud of, and it's one that we think the people of Baltimore are really going to like," police spokesman Lt. It's not the first time the department has embarked on a new color scheme.The city's police cars were black after World War II when the color was the only shade available.Yet, the progressives find this colour scheme “offensive”.According to a graphic designer quoted in a article, these designs convey “oppressive, aggressive, intimidating and combative traits”, and appear to be influenced by films such as Robocop and Batman.Despite its agro name, the Volkswagen Interceptor is actually a friendlier take on futuristic patrol cars.

Compared to other unnecessarily intimidating vehicles, this petit police car is designed to be a practical, no-frills approach.I have an industry report prac (In Design) to hand in for uni assessment week.(A4 (columns: 6 / 4mm gutter) I'm really struggling to find a grid to work with this, and to keep the text looking balanced without the letter spacing/height/width looking unbalanced. DUNMORE -- Here in Pennsylvania, from Pittsburgh to Philly and everywhere in between, we're used to seeing state police in white vehicles, responding to emergencies or just a routine day on the road.Now, those vehicles are turning a darker shade one by one as the state updates the fleet."This is one of the things they looked at and wanted to change.