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If you are new to this it can well be intimidating with loads of jargon but take your time and go through the information below. But if you still want your baseband preserved but don’t rely on ultrasn0w then you are good to go.You also can bypass ultrasn0w and just pay out the original carrier to unlock the phone by using an online service like Previously users had to create their own custom IPSW files, but the latest redsnow avoids this.Most people know exactly what carrier their phone was sold to and never see that message.

iphone 3gs activation problem after updating ios 5-69

With i OS6.1.2 now available the window to upgrade jailbroken devices to i OS 6.1 is now closed, i OS 6.1.2 is currently not jailbreakable with redsn0w (but it is with evasion!)- this post will be updated when the next version of redsn0w is released to jailbreak i OS 6.1.2 The process of getting this job done requires a number of steps (but are easily done), which are downloading the official i OS 6 firmware from Apple, upgrading i Tunes to the latest version, getting the latest redsn0w software from the dev team.If you need more help, visit our Ti Pb jailbreak & unlock forums for answers to many common questions and to ask your own! I had a jail break before coz my iphone i locked to AT&T.I'd also go as far as to remove the SIM from the tray and then re-inserting it onto the tray and then trying to go through the activation process again.2.

Restart Restarting your i Phone is going to be one of the simplest ways to try and fix the error.Say, if you are trying to activate a SIM on a locked i Phone, you're most likely not going to get it down unless the carrier you were on (previously) has allowed you to unlock that i Phone.What we'll do is explore all the possibilities of fixing the activation errors on your i Phone and get it up and running.This will not work on i Phone 4s and i Pad2/i Pad2 known as A5 devices.Check for Updates This will ensure you have an up-to-date backup of your i Phone in i Tunes Get the latest Redsn0w — Mac OSX or Windows If you are on OSX Mountain Lion you will need to control click or right click redsnow and open and choose open as this will avoid the security Gatekeeper, if on Windows open/redsnow as administrator Now your i Phone has i OS6 with a preserved baseband – now to Activate and restore from i Tunes, go through the screens on the i Phone reboot and activate the device from the questions asked.If you've updated your i Phone 3GS to i OS 5 or 5.0.1 and lost your unlock we can help you get it back.