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Signatures: Both samples by Ron de Bruin, Microsoft Excel MVP Upgrading just Outlook means twice as much work when applying patches and service packs, as you need to apply patches for two (or more) versions.

You many need to repair Outlook 2003 after installing patches for older Office applications.

All 10 workstations are not using add-ins for Outlook.

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Outlook 2011 for Mac application won’t launch or start. Method 2: Press and hold Alt key (windows) and click the Outlook icon on on the Dock (If the icon not appears on dock, Go to /Applications/Microsoft Office 2011 folder and drag the outlook file to Dock). Then select the office folder and find Microsoft Database Solution 2:- (Remove Outlook preference file) Go to ~/Library/Preferences and delete Outlook preference file (file name starts with “com.microsoft”).

Solution 1:- (Rebuild Outlook database) Method 1: Press and hold Option key when launching Outlook to rebuild the identity. Method 3: Open Applications and choose Microsoft Office 2011 folder.

I use Outlook on a Windows computer without Exchange.

I'm replacing my phone and need to preserve my sent messages for my business from my phone. I have messages on the phone (including sent messages) that are only on the phone.

At random, when they close and re-open Outlook, it will appear to load..see the "processing" message but nothing actually happens..the wheels are spinning but not actually going anywhere.

*Edit* The only way I have been able to resolve this issue, is to delete the entire account on the workstation and re-create a new one.

Outlook provides an archive function to purge your commonly used folders of older content that you don't need, but don't want to delete.

You can have this done automatically with Auto Archive, or you can also archive manually as desired.

You need to install Outlook and Word from the same suite to have the full editing capabilities of Word.

In Outlook 2007 and Outlook 2010, you'll have a limited version of Word available when only Outlook 2010 is installed, with some spelling and grammar features are missing.

I have a head-scratching scenario here and wanted to see if anyone here ran into the same issue.