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PHOTOS: 'Graceland' -- Scenes From Season 3 "I think it's just over a week since everything happened [when the show picks up] – and it is," Serinda told Access Hollywood.

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For example, Jake told Julia to throw Sarah (Dilshad Vadsaria), the ex-girlfriend he’d just slept with, to the wolves after learning that she lied to him about being on Ambien the night she killed a 15-year-old boy in a hit-and-run — the crime Jake’s client, Sarah’s estranged tech billionaire husband, Oscar Keaton (Kevin Zegers), stands accused of.Only Louise Herrick (Kate Jennings Grant) never got the chance to go at Sarah: Oscar called Jake to their house right before she was to appear on the show. Murdered." data-reactid="19"ouise Herrick Live doesn’t know the full extent of their manipulative scheming, they’re honest with each other and do want justice served.Sex scenes can hammer away at a couple’s sense of trust, revealing old fissures and making room for more.Think of a humid greenhouse, which fools plants into pumping out the plumpest, juiciest tomatoes. Actors often work 20-hour days, sometimes far from home, tucked inside windowless soundstages, fending off boredom between takes by trading intimacies.And I think she's lost and she's devastated and really is in a situation where she doesn't know which way is up.

And you can really see that because the pain that Mike caused her, and the lies were not only to do with work.

While Michael has a voice as smooth as silk, from what I’ve read about him previously, he has a reputation as a skeeze, a womanizer, and a guy who can’t commit. And when he’s on a stage, or talking to Oprah or something, he comes off as very charming, very self-deprecating, very boy-next-door.

The story of how and why Michael and actress Emily Blunt broke off their relationship/engagement has been going around for a while.

“You have to make sure that when that button is pushed,” Farr says, “you bring home the response.” Or else.

For actors in committed relationships, love scenes can be the craft’s most treacherous terrain.

He’s not afraid to use his good looks to charm and tail an attorney (Jake’s associate Ella, played by What Works: The chemistry between Sunjata and Perabo is solid.