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Now Star is revisiting her story – I can’t tell if she gave Michael Buble claims he’s found the real deal with South American superstar Luisana Lopilato but his ex has a warning for the Argentine actress. “He once told me, ‘I can’t commit to one person.” Tiffany says Michael, 34, regularly went back to her during his three-year relationship with Emily Blunt, even when Michael and Emily were planning to marry.A few months into his romance with Emily, Michael called Tiffany one night and invited her to his room at Le Parc Suite Hotel in West Hollywood.

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Your mum loves him Because your mum loves him, you’re pretty much sorted for the next several years on what to get her when it comes to birthdays, Christmas and Mother’s Day. MORE: Michael Buble: Gents, you may not want to go, but it’s worth it in the long run MORE: The top 10 worst Christmas songs ever, fact MORE: 12 Days of Christmas quiz: How well do you know the lyrics?Having learned all of his grandfather's favorite tunes, Bublé entered the British Columbia competition and won.Bublé's success prompted Delich to help him record his first independent CD.And most of the rumors came from the same person, a girl named Tiffany Bromley, who continues to claim that she and Michael were sleeping together while he and Emily were together.

She began telling her story back in 2007- with some incriminating photo evidence.

While Michael has a voice as smooth as silk, from what I’ve read about him previously, he has a reputation as a skeeze, a womanizer, and a guy who can’t commit. And when he’s on a stage, or talking to Oprah or something, he comes off as very charming, very self-deprecating, very boy-next-door.

The story of how and why Michael and actress Emily Blunt broke off their relationship/engagement has been going around for a while.

He bounces around the studio where we meet, trading jokes with his engineers while munching through a plate of raw broccoli and celery.

When he was pictured at Milan Fashion Week in September looking leaner than ever, there were reports he’d lost 3st due to a serious exercise regime that was all down to his wife, who he calls Lu. He enlisted the help of a trainer too, who suggested he run for 20 minutes on a treadmill every day.

It’s not officially Christmas, until you hear a bit of Bublé on the radio. After his album Crazy Love back in 2009 you thought that he couldn’t get any better. Release a Christmas album of course, and make us fall in love with him even more. Dreamboat Can anyone look better than Bublé in a tuxedo? T-shirts with Bublé on them, mugs, special edition albums and of course the golden prize – concert tickets. So does your nan Anyone your nan loves must be amazing, because she’s an amazing judge of character. Christmas essential Previously the Coca Cola advert, and a showing of Home Alone on a Sunday afternoon would signal that it was almost Christmas time. As soon as you hear a snippet of his Christmas album on the radio, you suddenly turn into Buddy the Elf and bounce around in uncontrollable excitement. Christmas songs part I Bublé’s Christmas album is packed with an assortment of festive delights, but the one that really gets your Christmas senses tingling, is ‘It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas’, so good that it actually makes you forget the fact that you’re listening to it in July when it accidentally comes on a shuffle playlist. He has hangover parties Instead of being one of those pretentious celebrities that pops to a private hospital for a UV drip every time he’s had one too many ciders, Bublé actually celebrates hangovers on New Year’s Day by putting on a party where he performs.