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Here's some new pictures of them together Here's something she wrote on her twitter about her and Tom And... Here's something she wrote on her twitter about her and Tom Then they laugh Okay so does any of this make you believe that they aren't really "together"? it does say that Tom and her were pretending to kiss. If you look at the way they're acting it does look like they aren't really kissing. I really don't think shes using him, she just can't help but talk about him because likes him. BUT if it does turn out that Chantelle is using him for publicity, I hope karma comes a kicks her real hard in the a**!

as brotherly help for both acts, who are signed at the same label.

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Flipsyde want (and have to get) some attention in the first place.

What is, (looking at this from a marketing point) easier then some promo together?

Instead of disappearing in the hotelroom, Tom and Chantelle kissed each other nearly half an hour in his car until the windows got steamed up mercifully. Good luck Chantell – trying to take my fantasies away! But smthing is definitely fishy, I mean if I was her I’ll kiss him INSIDE if I dun want any attention cz I kno tht there’ll be sm press to take our pics or watever But watever..

Not Indicating The Last Bit To Whoever Asked The Question But To The People Who Hate Chantelle For ItMany rumors go on about this. You can find your favorite songs in our multimillion database of quality mp3 links. You can also post music in your blog or personal site.



We'll if they are dating, good for him..(i doubt he'll settle down with her) but oh well..

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I'm beginning to believe its real for Chantelle...maybe not for Tom. I watched a couple of videos, and Tom's like always walking faster than her, walking in places before her... I think she really likes him, like the way she talks about him..I saw a clip of her talking about Tom and she looked so giddy and all smiley, lol. The only reason we're seeing this one is because she is somewhat famous.

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If we look (and now also you) at the lightly blurred picture at the top of this site, we see two humans, who fondle behind a close carwindow tenderly, but we say of course nothing sticky, just something like “Hoppala”. This woman is Chantelle Paige (21), singer of the American band “Flypside” (current song: “When it was good”). As I have said before they are gonna date people and as we know Tom is famous for dating lots of girls, it’s just harder to accept when it’s plastered in the news with pictures! I could do anything to make their dreams come true,i could their dreams ,their lives,their wishes before mines and these of my close ppl. I just wanted them to be there for me when i need them-not i a literal way,but i want to know they are doing all of their work for me ,for us,and that will make up for everything else. All I saw was dinner, kissing, getting laid, gone….well, as a true fan of Tom’s, I think that’s just typical of him….