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A UK Border Force source told uk the women are being branded on their arms so the mafia on the Italian side know who to snatch when they arrive in rescue boats.

Isoke Aikpitanyi, 33, was one of those women sent to Italy, but later managed to escape.

She told the Sunday Times: “When a girl wants to make the journey she asks around the nightclubs at home in Benin City to find a ‘mama’.“The mama puts her through a voodoo ritual where she swears an oath of obedience to the ‘mother of water’ to protect her from the desert and the sea.“On arrival the only way to be freed from the pledge is to pay £22,000 earned from her customers.”Other women revealed they were duped into believing they would find good jobs but became trapped in safe houses run by Nigerian mamas and gangsters in Palermo.Voodoo threats, beatings, confinement and threats to girls’ families in Nigeria are commonplace.Jurors at the Old Bailey were shown footage recorded on Mr Fasoli’s computer, allegedly showing him tied up, gagged and smothered with cling film by Marshall, 28.The pair reportedly met on the Badoo gay dating website.Women and girls like Adelina and Heaven: Adelina was kidnapped in Albania and trafficked into street prostitution in Italy for four years.

While in street prostitution, she didn’t meet a single woman who was there voluntarily, all had pimps or traffickers.

A man who was caught on camera smothering a computer repairman in his own home, fled to Italy after the murder and killed another man, a court heard.

Jason Marshall pretended he was a policeman when he allegedly attacked Peter Fasoli, 58, in January 2013, and stole hundreds of pounds.

La Repubblica described events as “the end of one of the last taboos” as men lead the way in getting expert help in dealing with sexual problems.

Dr Roberta Rossi of the Sexuality Institute said: “Ten years ago our clients were predominantly women.

Afterwards, Marshall allegedly set fire to the loner’s one-bedroom bungalow in Northolt, north-west London, to cover up the killing.