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As Andie walks up with the fire stick you can see she is standing in the sand.

In the next shot she is on the metallic cover again.

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Now the Step Up crew is in Vegas in another dance battle that could make or break their careers.Step Up All In is one for all and all for one, but is it a good movie for kids. Sean is a down and out dancer who brings his crew, known as The Mob, to Los Angeles. The crew considers going back to Miami, but Sean decides to stay in LA. There are a few instances of language that may be offensive.[tags: essays research papers] - In the novel Rebecca by Daphne Du Maurier tells the uncommon, suspenseful love story using a small range of characters with a wide range of personality traits.The reader begins to feel as though they truly know these characters only to discover the unseen truth as their masks fall off.This movie is suggested for children 12 and up, taking into consideration the content advisories previously mentioned. It is rap and hip hop culture with a focus on self-expression.

Another art-form, music has always been a huge piece of my creative process and I have the utmost respect for musicians.It’s a rather simple piece, but to me it is a testament to my progress in learning how to use this new program.Sometimes it feels strange to admit that I’m a fan of something.In the next exciting chapter of the international phenomenon "Step Up," all-stars from previous installments come together in glittering Las Vegas, battling for a victory that could define their dreams and their careers. Maybe the mask wasn't a costume mask, but it was a mask to make you seem happy, or seem cool, or anything that made you feel like something than you are not normally. Trying to fit in with the crowd, a mask is used to obtain the things we cannot reach on our own.While hanging out in LA, Sean leans of a dance competition in Las Vegas where the winner will receive a three year contract. The biggest element in the movie in terms of whether it is a family friendly movie is that the suggestive dance moves.