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Others look to numerology, and the mystical connections between numbers and life events.

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The unnamed singer – thought to be a former member of Aoyama Saint Hachamecha High School, two of whom were targeted with legal action by management company Moving Factory last year – was being sued for ¥9.9 million (approximately £60,000) in damages for allegedly having a relationship with a fan.According to The Australian, judge Katsuya Hara said at the Tokyo District Court: “We must acknowledge that forbidding pop idols to date by claiming compensation for damages goes too notoriously difficult, and it’s easy to feel as if the ways in which to find it are all but exhausted.Some people try to match themselves with potential mates by their horoscopes, finding how their personalities were influenced by the stars.When the company discovered their relationship, they filed a lawsuit against the former idol and her boyfriend for 9.9 million yen (,212) for violating her agreement and allegedly causing business damages.

A Japanese pop idol, hair freshly shaved to the skin, takes to You Tube and bursts into tears as she begs for mercy over her transgression.Blood type personality theory takes these categories to a new, obsessively detailed psychologist Furukawa Takeji, who noticed differences in personality among groups of students while working in the administrative department of a women’s high school.He subsequently proposed a relationship between personality and the A, B, O and AB blood types, though scientists were skeptical in Japan at the time, and remain so today, with most seeing no basis for a correlation between blood type and personality.This is the scene on a chilly Saturday at a Japanese "izakaya," or pub, in Ota, a southern Tokyo district, under the aegis of local authorities, alarmed as the number of marriages dips to record lows in the capital city as well as the country as a whole."I decided to participate because my main goal for 2017 is to find a partner.It is extremely difficult to get to know people in Tokyo, especially once you cross the age of 25," Ikumi Kanda, a 31-year-old MNC employee, part of the group, tells EFE.While last year, the same court that issued this latest ruling ordered a seventeen year old former member of the group Doki Doki to pay Spiral Music damages of ¥650,000 (approx. The judge in that case, Akitomo Kojima, said: “The clause prohibiting dating was necessary to get the support of male fans.