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Artis zoo in Amsterdam said on Wednesday that keepers who found an egg found on the floor of the vulture aviary put it in an incubator but later put it in a nest that the two male birds (pictured above) built together In a statement, the zoo said the two unlikely fathers were 'taking good care of the chick'.

In the current-era conflict between Washington and rural Westerners, the idea of a Bears Ears national monument has produced warnings of a possible armed insurrection.In a state where the federal government owns 65 percent of the land, many conservatives already resent existing restrictions because they bar development that could generate additional revenue.When they noticed that two gay male griffon vultures were collecting twigs to build a nest, they decided to put the egg in the nest.The zoo said on Wednesday the vultures, which have been a couple for years, took turns sitting on the egg until it hatched.‘However, 53 per cent of children don’t scratch immediately, so by the time your child starts itching they’ve probably had lice for weeks or even months,’ says Dr Andrea Franks, consultant dermatologist at Merseyside’s Countess of Chester Hospital.

Newer to the market is the silicone-based ingredient Dimeticone (found in Hedrin, Hedrin Once and Nyda) which is said to kill lice and eggs by coating them and smothering them.They added that when a male and a female formed a couple together, they generally stayed together for the rest of their lives.In this case, the zoo noted that the gay couple had already been together for several years.He says: ‘Some treatments are considered “liquid medical devices” which means there is far less regulation than there should be and studies don’t stand up to scrutiny, yet they should be as rigorous as those in any other area of medicine.’Mentored by Dr Donaldson, Joanna Ibarra, a mother of two set up the charity Community Hygiene Concern and developed the Bug Buster kit (four specially designed combs and a rigorous set of instructions) 30 years ago when she and her own children were constantly infested.In the only long-term trial to compare the results of treating head lice with an insecticide product with those of wet combing, scientists from the London School of Tropical Medicine found that regular Bug Busting was four times more effective than chemical treatments.For centuries, humans have used the red sandstone canyons here as a way to mark their existence.