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Speaking after the decision, Phil Ward, MD of Jet2said: “The behaviour of Mr Wilson and Mr Briston was deplorable, and we welcome this decision by Middlesbrough County Court, which is the latest in a number of judgments handed down against disruptive passengers."As we enter the busiest time of the year, we will not tolerate disruptive behaviour, which is usually fuelled by alcohol, so this decision should act as a stark warning.On Friday, it was diverted to Frankfurt during a flight from Newcastle to Prague.

TWO disruptive passengers have fallen foul of the courts and have been ordered to pay Jet2more than £2,000 in compensation, following their aggressive and abusive behaviour onboard the airline’s Leeds Bradford to Ibiza flight in May 2016.In the latest in a string of court judgments against disruptive behaviour, yesterday, Thursday, James Briston and Michael Wilson, both of Redcar, were fined a total of £2,000 between them and have been ordered to pay the sum within 14 days.Pros I worked at the city centre location in Leeds:- City centre location which is easily accessible- Free tea/coffee- Good introduction to the Scrum methodology for those who have never worked in an agile team before Cons- zero flexibility, the hours are set in stone, you either work from 08;00 to , or to , and the manager's have the temerity to call this 'flexi-time'.- No opportunities to work from home- Favouritism abounds, if your face doesn't fit you will never progress- No reward or recognition scheme- No clear career paths or pastoral support- Staff are expected to pay for their own Christmas party- Staff are expected to come into the office to work the following afternoon after they have worked on an overnight release- High staff turnover- Below average number of days for annual leave- Pitiful employee pension contribution- No car parking facilities- Very much a top-down approach to working, directives would often be sent down from senior managers and those working on the front line would be expected to drop everything at a moments notice Advice to Management Please come into the 21st century, working practices have moved on from the rigid days of 9-5 at an office desk, offer more benefits to staff and provide incentives for them to stay, otherwise you will continue to haemorrhage talented employees. Some of us also sufer with mental health issues that come under the Disability Discrimination Act 2010. I actually loved my job at Jet2 and would work there again if you sorted out your management and personnel procedures. I didn't expect to be treated in such a manner and then cast aside like a piece of useless rubbish. I was refused all and told to be quite or get sacked.Advice to Management Please Please Please get a grip on reality. I was put on an extension of probation for asking and fined £100 off my bonus.The airline has joined forces with The On Holiday Group to offer real-time, dynamically packaged holidays to shake up the package holiday market and change it for the better.

For the first time, holidays will be packaged from high-quality three, four and five-star hotel stock and paired with low cost flights – exclusively on Jet2services – meaning market rate, as-it-happens pricing, with no hidden extras.

The vessel will float and not list more than 10 degrees to the horizontal allowing the launching of liferafts.

Each waterjet consists of an inlet duct that forms an integral part of the hull, a pump impeller, outlet nozzle, steering nozzle and a reversing bucket.

Our most senior engineers will be investigating the aircraft.” “At this stage it is too early in the process to comment on the cause of the technical fault.

Jet2revolutionises the package holiday market by launching Jet2*Package prices as-they-happen, not old, fixed brochure rates *Three to five star hotel accommodation *Personal taxi transfer and on-demand rep *Flexible departure dates from regional airports *“The very cheapest of package prices to consumers” In a move which will have a profound impact on the travel industry, hugely successful low cost airline,, today announced it has launched a tour operator with a difference – Jet2

The court heard how on May 26 last year, Briston and Wilson were asked numerous times by Jet2cabin crew to stop drinking their own illicit alcohol onboard the flight.