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Kevin Mc Kidd is an outstanding Scottish on-screen character. He was an individual from the Moray Youth Theater, before going ahead to study engineering at the University of Edinburgh. He is best known for his depiction of Tommy in the film “Trainspotting” and his work on the widely praised network show “Rome.” As a young person, he was a part of a stone band called Plan 9.The gathering accomplished a direct measure of progress and visited all over Scotland. He additionally gives the voice of John “Soap” Mac Tavish in the computer games Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.Kevin Mc Kidd is the son of Kathleen and Neil Mc Kidd.

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The series centers on Dan Vasser, a newspaper reporter living with his wife Katie and young son Zack in San Francisco.

For an unknown reason, one day he begins "jumping" backward in time.

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It wasn't a surprise; I was aware of where she's at but was wishing and hoping that despite all that she might stick around so I might get to still act with her.

It wasn't a surprise, but I was still sad when she told me. I'm still getting a lot out of playing Owen Hunt.Owen Hunt's story -- without the support system the character has had in Oh's Dr. "Pain is sometimes close to pleasure, and there's a lot of pain here," Mc Kidd tells about learning his co-star was leaving, hopes for Cristina and Owen, and how he'd wrap up Dr. STORY: Sandra Oh Departing ' Grey's Anatomy' After Season 10 (Exclusive) The Hollywood Reporter: Were you surprised to hear that Sandra Oh was leaving?Kevin Mc Kidd: Sandra and I have been friends for as long as we've worked together, so I had a feeling it might be coming and that it was the right time for her.Selfishly, I was hoping and wishing she might make a different choice and decide to stay because I love working with her.I've had the great fortune and luck to be her acting partner and for her to be my acting partner for the last half a decade.Mc Kidd, the most youthful of two siblings, had a devastated average working-class upbringing.