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The incident is the latest in a string of controversies for the Hollywood star.Here are some of the key ones you should know about.

La Beouf and Goth started dating at some point in the past few months, shortly after the actor broke-up with his two-year relationship with stylist Karolyn Pho.The two met on the set of the Lars von Trier film, “Nymphomaniac,” set to premiere in May 2013.La Beouf later called the incident “complete and utter insanity” and “a mistake I’m still completely embarrassed about.” March 2008 warrant La Beouf was ticketed for unlawful smoking while on a sidewalk in February 2008 in Burbank, Calif., and a bench warrant was issued after the actor didn’t attend a hearing, the Los Angeles Times reported.La Beouf’s attorney was in court one day later, and pleaded not guilty for his client." and I was all, "Sure, that sounds good." But then my mom got a call and was like, "Oh, Maddie, you're going to be doing the video with Shia La Beouf." And I was like, "Does he dance? It's not like—I think it came out a little bit before all the shows that I watch. Were you bummed that you had to wear the same leotard-and-wig combo you wore for the "Chandelier" video? I was actually fine with it because, first of all, no one really knew I was doing the video, but [in the event that they did], they probably expected me to play someone else. And while I've become Sia's mini sidekick, I'm still the same person.

" Actually my first reaction, to be honest, was, "Wait, who is he again? I was at rehearsal for one of the talk shows I was doing with Sia, and she was like, "Hey, so, I don't really want anybody else in my videos anymore. It was actually completely different from what everyone has been asking. So then I go back in the cage and I actually start to—I do the handstand on his back. At the end, I take his hand and try to walk out of the cage with him, but he's too big to get out. I just want to keep my team." I love everyone—we've become a family. It was the same idea—I'm still [a version of] Sia—but I also was being inspired by a wolf. We'd been stuck in the cage for a long time, she said. I'm, like, the mean one, the bad one; I'm the one who's strong. The movie reportedly includes actual sex between the actors, something that apparently wasn’t too much of problems for the actors.First seen out together around Thanksgiving, the couple seems to have spent a great deal of time going out around Los Angeles in the week surrounding Christmas.Shia La Beouf and his new girlfriend — and “Nymphomaniac” co-star — Mia Goth spent quality time together for the holidays.