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That's my opinion and this is definitely a touchy topic. For any given moment, the date the time vary around the globe by zone.

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Salesforce Connection.query(Salesforce org.trans.steps.salesforceinput. Salesforce Input.process Row(Salesforce org. ERROR 24-01 ,144 - Kitchen - Finished with errors INFO 24-01 ,144 - Kitchen - Start=2011/01/24 .633, Stop=2011/01/24 .144 INFO 24-01 ,144 - Kitchen - Processing ended after 6 seconds. Unfortunately I have not been able to find a solution to this problem on the forum. to enable salesforce web service calls using the salesforce input widget when you're behind a proxy you must first set a java environment variable to configure java proxy settings.Regards, Divam Hi Renato, Yes I was setting variable for the username and password previously then I hardcoded values but it still would give me the same exception. So I queried the reposity and changed the password in R_STEP_ATTRIBUTE table also but nothing worked for me. This is done in Linux by setting the following environment variable from the command line before launching spoon (in Windows, use whatever tool you usually use to set env variables then launch spoon): export _JAVA_OPTIONS='Dhttp.proxy Host= -Dhttp.proxy Port=' Example: export _JAVA_OPTIONS='Dhttp.proxy Host= -Dhttp.proxy Port=80' This must be done before launching spoon and spoon will pick these variables up and use the proxy settings for salesforce calls. As your financial institution, we have this information and do not need to obtain it unsolicited. Click Here As a general rule, Bridgewater Credit Union will NEVER ask our members for account number/Debit or ATM Card numbers or other sensitive personal information by email, telephone or any electronic method.Hi All, It would be great if you could advise me what I am doing wrong.

I have a job which get data from Salesforce and loads into a stagin table.Info24 has been working with Internet of Things (IOT) since 2005 and has developed a leading JAVA platform, which is capable of developing new business solutions with a fast market entry.Spring 2016, Fortum acquired Info24 with the ambition to take the company to the next level and develop leading solutions in the international Smart City Area.Much of your business logic and data storage/exchange should be done in UTC, as a best practice.To get the current moment in UTC with a resolution in nanoseconds, use .By migrating to JSR-310 it will be easier in the future to start using new features in the API. is old and has really bad concurrency issues (you don't suspect it be have anything to do with concurrency but, please use Java 8 the // 2015/09/27 println( new Simple Date Format("yyyy/MM/dd HH:mm:ss").format(Instance()Time()) ); // println( new Simple Date Format("HH:mm:ss").format(Instance()Time()) ); // 09/28/2015 println(new Simple Date Format("MM/dd/yyyy").format(Instance()Time())); // 20150928_161823 println( new Simple Date Format("yyyy MMdd_HHmmss").format(Instance()Time()) ); // Mon Sep 28 CEST 2015 println( Instance()Time() ); // Mon Sep 28 CEST 2015 println( new Date(System.current Time Millis()) ); // Mon Sep 28 println( new Date()String().substring(0, 10) ); // 2015-09-28 println( new