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Grumet, his neighbor Mark Antonoff, 68, and another neighbor, who asked to remain unnamed for fear of the suspects, provided details to help explain what happened.

The home invasion occurred on the private land of the Lake Altamont Association — a close-knit community of a dozen homes about a mile and a half from the Eagle’s Nest restaurant. and 4 a.m., just before the break-in, neighbors spotted a car on the street beside the home of Bill and Debra Beakes, who own Beakes Travel Service in Middletown.

New York and Tennessee police say the pair is armed and extremely dangerous.

New York State Police sent out multiple emergency cell phone alerts across Ulster and Sullivan counties Saturday to warn residents to lock their doors and remain inside.

Kaczynski’s crime was that he was a domestic terrorist, one who sent bombs through the U. postal service for the better part of two decades, shredding or killing those who dared open an innocuous package.

One of the primary reasons it took so long for the FBI to zero in on Kaczynski was that there was no common thread among his victims.

CORRECTION: This story has been edited to correct the title of Anna Police Investigator Rush Smith. Saturday ended almost 24 hours later when law enforcement search dogs located the suspect Sunday morning. The driver pulled over near County Line Road, and police quickly learned that the driver had no form of identification on him and declined to identify himself. 75 and wound around the small back roads until Worth wrecked his car on John Marr Road. Police chased, but the suspect was able to evade capture.

Anna Police Investigator Rush Smith and Van Alstyne Police Chief Tim Barnes shared the following information on the incident that brought more law enforcement into the sound end of Grayson County than it'd had for a long time. They returned to their patrol car and, while getting identification information, the driver cranked his engine up and sped away. Anna Police immediately sought help from Van Alstyne police in searching for Worth, whom they had identified by that point.

Smith said that Anna PD officers made a traffic stop on a vehicle on U. Anna Police called in many other agencies, including Collin and Grayson County deputies, the U. Marshal Task Force, Howe Police, the Department of Public Safety, who, Barnes said, provided an overhead search with their helicopter; and search dogs from the Texas Department of Criminal Justice's Bonham location.

There were also search dogs brought to Van Alstyne by Sherman Police and the Collin County Sheriff's Office.

He’s being held for observation overnight in a local hospital.