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A couple of days later she rang me and said that he normally came for breakfast and lunch and was sitting there reading a paper.

I walked to the cafe, which was in our small town’s main street.

They meet their counterparts (book Malec) and it doesn't exactly go well, sorry this is hella rushed as i wrote most of it at 2 am but ive had this idea in my head for a while and i thought why not write about it lol anyways this is lowkey throwing shade at bookmalec oops but i hope you enjoy!!

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I for one, have never really experienced an ugly reverse stare from a woman, so you can forgive me for not figuring this out earlier.

But then, when men stare at women and the women don’t like it nor do they glance back, I really don’t think that qualifies for a flirtatious stare exchange.

Hartha: Yes this is a rewrite if my story Naruto: X. But the more I think about it the whole 'bad childhood' crap really does making me want to laugh sometimes. I want to swipe that smirk off your face." growled out Logan"Whatever you say, old man." answered the blond before the spar commenced Now 15 minutes earlier, Naruto decided to take a quick shower seeing as he was covered in sweat from the spar he had with Logan never would had expected to find Kitty phasing through the door.

I mean come on a few flashbacks to him being sad and BAM! Now during the mornings Kitty isn't what one would call aware of her surroundings, and as such thought nothing of it when she used her powers to phase through the bathroom door.

After a while, she told me about a guy who left the coffee shop just then. I was quite surprised because an occasional stare is complimenting, if the guy’s presentable enough.

Alec noticed his counterpart’s eyes were a striking shade of blue that heavily contrasted Alec’s hazel-green ones.

I guess it's time to walk down this new path, my path": Naruto Namikaze Redone 2KN: Whoo finally on my mini vacation! " questioned the blond, the truth he began teaching Logan about chakra before the others.

And #2 just go watch some porn if you're going to just whack off. Cupitor: Glad you enjoying the interactions so far. And there may be some if I start drinking when typing this stuff. Oraman Asturi: Meh, to bad everyone has their own taste. I think I can handle it with taijutsu." answered Logan while rolling his shoulder blades"I'm impressed old man only a week and you can already use chakra to regulate your muscles." called out the blond with a smirk "I would have thought someone with your advanced age would take longer.""Whatever blondie lets just start already.

“Got it,” Alec replied, striding into the room with the necklace in one hand and a coffee cup in the other. Magnus was on his back, covered in silky red sheets up to his waist. ” “That’d be kind of hot,” murmured AU Magnus under his breath. Alec noticed the Portal still next to them and put his hand on his Magnus’ arm. Thank you for your help,” Alec said, trying to act professionally. As the pair turned around, AU Alec asked them, “And, guys? “Sorry for, um, almost killing you,” Alec said, but he was only looking at Magnus. “I’m never one to complain about Alexander Lightwood pushing me against the floor,” Magnus winked.

This week’s Downworld Cabinet meeting was scheduled at a rather ungodly time in the morning, and of course, Magnus and Alec had overslept. It’s 7am, we’re probably asleep, assuming we’re not at the Institute.” The two walked to the bedroom and pushed the door open. He was still slender and beautiful but his chest and arms were less muscled. “You’re welcome, AU Magnus replied sarcastically, bouncing off Alec’s professionalism. AU Alec blushed and failed at forming a comprehensible sentence.

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