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After losing Michael Weatherly at the end of Season 13, the series tried out a couple of characters to help finish out the season and potentially replace Tony Di Nozzo on the team. Since there's so much going on, we'll just go ahead and break down every iota of information we have.Now we've learned some more cast shakeups are happening, although there is good news for one of the actors who signed on with at the end of Season 13. As noted prior, Duane Henry, who plays former MI-6 officer Clayton Reeves on the series, is definitely sticking around for the next batch of episodes and has even been given regular status on the series.

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Played in a band to supplement his acting in the early days of his career. He also sold shoes, delivered pizzas, dabbled in songwriting and also worked in the videotape library of ABC.

A big part of his job there was to log and cart around one-inch reels of videotape.

Part team hunk and part comic relief, the character always brought a particular light-heartedness to even the most violent and somber of criminal cases.

However, Weatherly recently made the decision to retire from the series, and he has finally opened up about the rationale behind that decision. So it seems that one of the biggest reasons for his departure from the series came when Cote de Pablo’s Ziva also left the CBS drama in Season 11.

Seeing as how most of CBS’s new shows premiere in the Fall, there is a good chance that Weatherly will be back on primetime as early as September or October. So NCIS fans, will you be tuning in to the all new show, Bull?

Worst case scenario, “Bull” will get a Winter premiere date, which still isn’t too far away. team has been taking down bad guys on a weekly basis, many agents have come and gone under the command of Mark Harmon’s Agent Gibbs.However, one of the most consistent factors on the show has come in the form of Michael Weatherly’s Tony Di Nozzo.NCIS fans are dreading the Season 13 finale of the CBS drama, set to air next week on Tuesday, May 18.Spoilers indicated months ago that it would be fan favorite Michael Weatherly’s final episode as the always entertaining Tony Di Nozzo.But, there is good news for Weatherly’s fans, the Tony Di Nozzo portrayer will be back on CBS very soon…possibly in just a few months. Online, “Bull centers on the brilliant, brash and charming Dr.