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I'm not here to compare, but I believe in american society a person has to be at lease 5'10 to be "normal". I had my fair shares of heightism, but it doesnt bother me, I live only once, I might as well enjoy my life.

and please dont turn this to an attack thread on me. there are successful male supervisors that i worked for who are 5'3, height does help a person move up in a company, but its to a point, sometimes out of nowhere a person can be super sharp and just defy all odds.

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However, in most cases, it’s not the piece of paper that’s important.Rather, it’s finding someone she could see being a provider (or in today’s world where both people often work, part of the team that helps provide).I am self-employed, make a comfortable living, and I am about 5’8-5’9 in height.I have run into a lot of profiles where the woman has stated that her date needs to have a bachelor’s degree or be taller than I am.And in this case, it’s easy to see why the first two guys in this thread would be bitter — when she’s that short, does that extra 1 inch really matter?

But no one would really bat an eye if she said “I would prefer only to date someone who is taller than I am,” especially considering most men are taller than she is.A bachelor’s degree is a way (sometimes a bad way) to measure a person’s commitment and drive.Many businesses do the same exact thing – they don’t know who you are so the first way they measure you is if you have a piece of paper or not.i also know some 5'5 men that can get any women they want. I know the average height of males in america (all races combined) is 5'9, but i want to see what the general population think. I was surprised to find on a previous "height" thread about how many women wouldn't consider dating a man of my know what, once they get to know you, it becomes a non-issue. disappear, well, except for the people who are shallow and who wants them around anyway. Also, we have moved all around the country and we have an adult son with DS who is 5'4" and I have noticed many men that were around his height.This has a lot of do with genetics and the location from which one's ancestors came from. such as getting women, having an easier time finding a job/moving up in the company, and playing sports with other men.Nothing inherently wrong with preferences as long as people aren’t rude about it.