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Why wouldn’t it if you like her and don’t want to give up?Mixed signals may take on many forms and are generally a combination of messages that are hard to decipher.

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I'm a down to earth, kind, gentle, loving, non judgemental and thoughtful person looking for the ...

Ethnic origin is mixed race First things first, if you haven't a picture or if you're more than 2-3 years younger than I am or if you're expecting a response to a wink, please don't contact me as I am likely to disappoint.

A nice meal then go for a stroll and a chat to see if there is chemestry.

I’m young at heart, down to earth, open-minded, not pretentious, a bit unconventional. I have lots of interests and a general curiosity about many things in the world, like to live a fairly varied lifestyle, this keeps my old brain ... I am looking for friendships to start with which could lead to something serious. Ethnic origin is mixed race I'm looking for friendship and more with a stable, down to earth, regular guy.

They may be difficult to keep up with and leave you wondering about her level of interest in you and how she actually feels about you. She may be attention-seeking and knows you are there to fill that need.

Whether she acts interested but breaks dates with you, will only go out with you in the company of her friends, contacts you multiple times a day and then leaves you hanging or needs to reschedule but is unwilling to give you a specific date or time, I can certainly understand why you feel confused and frustrated. She may be interested in several guys at the same time (and waver on who is at the top of her list). Regardless of why she is affectionate, interested or attentive and then completely unavailable or silent, you have the power to make choices that work for you.Ableism can be defined as systemic discrimination based on disability.You know, those encounters you have that make you feel bad about your disability, or those barriers that prevent you from having your needs or desires met.Patience is the name of the game, if you want to meet that special someone.Bonding and getting familiar with each other is the dating rules for today.The topic of mixed signals is commonly brought up in discussions about dating.