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And if you’re anything like me, you’re skeptical about all the “new age” ideas about how you can suddenly go from a realistic or negative mindset to a positive one by saying affirmations, or journaling, or any of the other fads that don’t seem to change anything.And at the same time, you would like to feel more positive and optimistic.

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I am afraid my personality attracts negative treatment.Randall’s ability to make me believe as much was a perverse art form.Putting the Thoughts to Rest Having a Balanced Mind and Body Forming a Stronger Relationship Community Q&A Maybe you’re in a relationship with someone you don’t trust completely and you find that your thoughts often run wild.If they don’t pick up the phone, you might immediately think they're cheating or doing something sketchy.Positive emotions are frequently accompanied by what are universally considered fortunate circumstances such as close relationships, bigger business opportunities and larger social networks.

Even more than that, the Mayo Clinic has published that these health benefits may all be linked to positive thinking…

The second time Randall cursed me out, on a very public street in Chicago, I apologized to him. If I could be more understanding of his outbursts, they would stop.

It was my fault for setting him off by crying on the train after he had a screaming fit when the card machine overcharged him. He once told me, “I have never had these problems before in a relationship.

I can learn the basics such as how to change my tire and how to change my oil.” Finally, he reminds himself that even if his fear comes true, it won’t be the end of the world.

“If those things happen, it’s going to be a bad day [but] it will be OK.

Well the good news is that over the past 10 years or so, there has been a wealth of hard-headed research that shows not only how beneficial a positive outlook is, but how anybody can enact simple practices to increase his or her positivity.