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The Hurriyat leader also explained how 'Islamabad laundered its dirty money', the first ever apparent disclosure by any Kashmiri separatist leader on record. Sometimes the payment is made via Saudi Arabia; sometimes the installments are routed via Qatar,' Khan revealed.India Today TV learnt that it is in the heart of the national Capital, in the narrow streets of Ballimaran and Chandni Chowk, that those sympathetic to the separatists make this hawala trade possible. Well-wishers deliver the funds after taking their cut,' Khan is heard saying.There were men who spoke Mandarin, who went to flea markets, who were interested in museums and classical music and etymology.

Granted, there has to be substance along with the cerebral -- most serial killers are smart, too -- but for me the gray matter has always, well, mattered.So I was pleased as pi when I came across a slew of online dating sites specifically designed for smartypants singles. ) as opposed to the same old hiking, biking and kayaking.Smart, charming, literate and loquacious, these potential matches pushed my bluestocking buttons faster than you can say Dewey decimal.There were writers, filmmakers, professors and autodidacts (a nice change of pace from the autoerotics you so often find over on Craigslist).This web site was developed by the Kenora District Camp Owners Association (KDCA) and the Northwestern Ontario Tourism Association (NWOTA) to better inform our American friends on crossing the international border into Canada.

Since 9/11 border crossing rules have become more strictly enforced.We want you, the traveller to have access to as much information as possible before leaving home.We love bringing people together, and here at Dating Agency we’ve helped thousands of singles find love."This growing segment has clearly embraced online dating," said , CEO of IAC. is a Vancouver-based mineral exploration company focused on gold development projects in some of the world's premier exploration and mining districts. Erudite eggheads who know their William Shakespeare (and, yes, their William Shatner).