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Getting on with things: Disgraced Glee actor Mark Salling (left) pictured leaving the gym in Los Angeles with a female friend on Monday as he defiantly continues with his daily life in spite of swarming paparazzi The photos show the actor made up to look like a science fiction villain, with saw blades coming out of his head and throat and metal caging his chest, for the film Gods and Secrets, which is still in production.'I won't feed our growing pitchfork culture.I'm going to wait for all the facts to arrive and if in fact these allegations are true, I will immediately take action, which includes removing his scenes from the project,' Shankar said in a statement.Ian Somerhalder and Nikki Reed also posed for photos with excited onlookers, and Ian even stopped to smooch one lucky pooch.

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The dark genre project aims to put a fresh spin on iconic superhero tropes and mythos'.

He attended Providence Christian School and Our Redeemer Lutheran elementary schools, and after graduating from a high school, he travelled to California and attended Los Angeles Music Academy College of Music in Pasadena, California and began studying guitar.

Costume themes included actress decided to celebrate their own famous romance by attending the parade as themselves.

The celebrity Monarchs of Mardi Paws marched during the parade, handing out souvenir cups and Mardi Gras beads.

Luckily they've been able to remain friends, but they certainly aren't the first TV costars to strike up (and then end) a romantic relationship — small-screen duos like Rachel Bilson and Adam Brody, Blake Lively and Penn Badgley, and Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Efron also hooked up during their downtime, and leading ladies like Jennifer Garner, Emily Van Camp, and Sophia Bush were lucky enough to find love on more than one set.

Scroll through to see 33 couples that took their love off screen — and even worked together well past their demise.

They all dined at HUB51 and Nina and Mark were quick to tweet about their great experience.

Nina tweeted, Well, the good thing is is that these friends all seemed to enjoy their totally-sick-“ill” meals, but whether or not Nina and Mark are slowly becoming an item will remain a mystery.

Fox’s “Glee” will get the “Frozen” treatment, thanks to Rachel Berry (Lea Michele).

A full band backs Berry as she sings the Oscar-winning song in its entirety during the season 6 two-hour premiere.

reports that this year’s parade theme was “Love is in the ‘HAIR,'” and pups and their humans were encouraged to dress up like famous romantic pairs.